About our school

We focus in improving Brain Power, Memory (Long term & Short Term), focus, concentration, Emotional stability and help to make a individual a more happier person.

Brainy Academy work in the area of educating children’s where they can able to bring most out of their personality. It helps an individual to identify his inborn talents and able to maximize his brain power.

We Believe

We believe that each individual possess some unique skill set which nobody else have in this world. If he can utilize it then he can attain great success in his career in terms of monitory as well as satisfaction level.

Our Goal

The prime aim of Brainy Mid brain Academy is to explore the hidden potential of individuals and helping them to achieve their goals in life by proper utilization of their own potential.

“ Any child can be a genius, if only the right method is used.”

We keep checking progress in the area of Focus, Concentration Improvement, Emotional Stability and memory Enhancement.

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We truly believe that we cannot force children’s for study, dance, Sports or any other hobby. These things should come from inside.

Brainy works on positive thought process, it encourages a person with great confidence, motivate and trigger a spark of doing something great in life.

We believe that Genius condition doesn’t refer to Intelligent Quotient only but also Emotional Quotient , Creativity Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.

Hence, we facilitate and provide you the platform where you can become master of your unique gifts & master of your mind.


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